Erik & Nachai’s Wedding

Meet Erik and Nachai (na-hi). She can (and will!) talk to literally anyone and make them feel so valued, and he loves her while she does it. This June wedding was such a treat. We had an amazing time doing the first look on the Denton square, a place that’s sentimental to both of them. Afterwards we got the chance to pop into their favorite coffee shop (West Oak) to cool down with some drinks! They are both intimate worshippers at heart, and the incredible time of worship we got to experience mid-ceremony was truly powerful.

I loved getting to capture their story, and I couldn’t be happier that Nachai found her perfect “significant otter” 😉  😉


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Allison & Ryan Wedding

This weekend the wonderful couple Allison and Ryan got married. This couple, let me tell you, I hardly even had to pose myself. Their affection and comfort with each other are shown so easily in front of the camera. They put on a tremendously beautiful wedding in a backyard setting, decked with bistro lighting, take home family-brew coffee, and donuts and coffee to warm the spirits.

I don’t think they could have asked for a more beautiful day to celebrate an amazing relationship. And if you don’t believe me, check out some of the photos for a sneak peek of the celebration:


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This girl was such a pleasure to shoot and her kind heart makes for an incredible friend to those who know her! Such a BEAUTIFUL day for a shoot with hints of end-of-fall trees and shrubbery. This girl is true model material, as you can see by some of these photos. Hope you enjoy!


img_6458 img_6469 malone5
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One of the first photo sessions of the fall, and I got the opportunity to shoot this radiant young lady. The weather could have not been more beautiful and this location has SO many different areas to shoot!

Shoutout to her friend Malone for tagging along and livening up the atmosphere with her constant worry of snakes in tall grass! Don’t worry Malone it wasn’t snake season…… right?



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These two very talented people decided to have photos taken to commemorate their anniversary, and look at this dynamic! Rachel and Jon portray such a unique relationship with their quirks and wit. This beautiful location is the Old Alton Bride in Denton, and it serves as an equally riveting photo spot as it does hiking trail. After days and days of rain this luscious green scenery could not have made a more beautiful backdrop. It was such a pleasure working with these two, and I’m honored to have been a part of their memory.


Rachel&Jon blog2
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Building Phases

Over the past few months I had the privilege of doing an ongoing shoot with a married couple whom I am friends with. They were in the process of building a home, and since the beginning I got to capture the transformation, one stage at a time! It was fun to see it come together, and it was also fun that family and friends could see the progress of the house being built.
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Movie Proposal

This past weekend (which happened to be Easter Sunday!) I got to be a part of an awesome, thrill-filled evening planned by one of my good friends. This good friend planned a proposal to happen at a movie night that my roommates and I regularly host at my house on the weekends here in Denton. My house features a killer garage that has been turned into a movie theater by use of several couches, a giant beanbag, a giant sofa chair, four movie theater seats with homemade velvet ropes (made from halved pool noodles) that we pawned off some friends, a giant blank wall and a projector!
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