Movie Proposal

This past weekend (which happened to be Easter Sunday!) I got to be a part of an awesome, thrill-filled evening planned by one of my good friends. This good friend planned a proposal to happen at a movie night that my roommates and I regularly host at my house on the weekends here in Denton. My house features a killer garage that has been turned into a movie theater by use of several couches, a giant beanbag, a giant sofa chair, four movie theater seats with homemade velvet ropes (made from halved pool noodles) that we pawned off some friends, a giant blank wall and a projector!

These movie nights involve usually 10-20 people (yet this particular night hosted 10-20 in the theater with an extra 30 hiding out back), so my good friend decided to fake a movie night that actually was to be a proposal, to which a “trailer” was played before the movie showing my friend interviewing friends and family and declaring his love for her. At this point the fake “audience” left the theater and the hero entered the garage, a chandelier and hanging lights were lit, music played, and the man swooned her with words and popped the question. Overall it was a great surprise for the newly engaged gal, and I’m happy for my two friends and honored to have gotten to be a part of the planning and photographing!

As far as photographing went, the garage/theater was very dimly lit, yet I was lucky enough to have my Canon 50mm that features a wooonderfully low aperture of 1.4, allowing me to accurately expose the images you see in this post while only having to use a 3200 ISO.




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